Standing Seam


Price and Value Come Together with Universal Standing Seam Steel Roofing

Standing Seam panels are 16” wide, making them work well on both large and small structures. The 1.5” tall interlocking vertical seams offer great watertightness even on lower pitch roofs. Installation is made fast and easy with the built-in fastening hem that is concealed from view yet has slotted holes to naturally allow for the metal’s expansion and contraction, no matter how wide of temperature swings your reign is prone to experience.

The steel metal roofing panels come in custom lengths produced at the factory specifically for your building. We also offer standard length panels which work exceptionally well for smaller accent roofs such as porches and overhangs. They can either be cut on the job site to match your building requirements or be joined together with horizontal laps. Our many available colors have been carefully chosen to offer something for virtually every home or accent roof.

Our robust baked-on PVDF coatings have been designed for top performance in all climates. Include our fade and chalk resistance warranty, Standing Seam will be a long-term, reliable roof for your home.

Outstanding performance, with an outstanding warranty, are built into every Standing Seam project.